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Can you IMAGINE discovering a handful of techniques SO POWERFUL that your novel practically WRITES ITSELF?

Can you imagine fully-fledged WRITING SECRETS out there that nobody has EVER shared with you – but that could save you YEARS of wasted time?

Are you open to the idea that maybe – just maybe – you can write, edit, and polish your entire novel in JUST 28 days, working ONLY 40 minutes a day?

You can. And I’ll show you EVERYTHING you need to do it.

From outlining. To plotting. To character development. To dialogue. To getting your words down onto paper. To marketing it to a publisher. To seeing your book in a local store.

There are SECRETS every step of the way. And I’ll share them ALL with YOU!

With these tricks, you’ll NEVER be stuck for words again. You’ll never have difficulties with the plot, or get stuck with your characters. You’ll never worry about what’s coming next, or fear writer’s block. And you’ll ALWAYS write in your most authentic “voice.”

I’ve used these speed writing techniques over the past five years – and I’ve worked hand-in-hand with gurus such as Nick Daws and James Lamberg to promote them to the world.

But nobody has EVER applied these methods to fiction – UNTIL TODAY.


Excited to discover the entire “Novel in a Month” course?

Well – it doesn’t stop with the main course.

That’s why I went that extra step further – and developed FIVE BONUS GUIDES to help GUARANTEE your success!

  • “Getting Dialogue Down” – You’ve read a million novels. But do you REALLY know how to format your dialogue? This guide unveils EVERYTHING you need to know. From commas to paragraphs, from speechmarks to quotations, from interrupted speech to my own four-step punctuation trick. Learn EXACTLY what you need for perfect dialogue – and precisely how to get it down on paper.  Nothing is left uncovered!
  • “33 Techniques for Fine-Tuning Your Fiction” – So, you’ve written your first draft – but want to really fine-tune your work? This guide shows the EXACT steps you need to polish your manuscript. From injecting a little mischief to ending with a BANG, from tightening up your dialogue to tying all of the loose-ends together. All great novels need fine tuning – and yours will truly be a GREAT NOVEL after reading through this bonus guide.
  • “How to Get FREE Publicity for Your Novel” – What good is a fantastic novel if nobody knows about it? This 15-page bonus guide shows you exactly how to get your book promoted – on a shoe-string budget! From radio interviews to book signing, from blogging to online forums. This guide shows you how to promote your novel like mad – and how to capitalize on your expertise with the media.

  • “How to Get Celebrity Endorsements for Your Novel” – Just imagine if your book had a celebrity endorsement from Stephen King, Jackie Collins, or J.K.Rowling. How would THAT impact your sales? How quickly would you be able to sell the book to a publisher then? In this fantastic bonus guide, I unveil the EXACT STEPS you need to grab yourself brilliant celebrity endorsements – in just a couple of weeks!
  • “The Hottest Agents in the US & UK That You Absolutely MUST Know!” – You have yourself a great fine-tuned novel, and a list of celebrity endorsements. But where do you go next? Easy! Just take my little black book of personal fiction contacts – and contact them all! This bonus guide contains over 40 jam-packed pages full of individual contacts, e-mail address, websites, guidelines, requirements, and more. Make it big – just get in touch!


So, are you ready to WRITE YOUR NOVEL – in just 28 DAYS or LESS?

Remember, I’ll show you absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know.

The secret “speed writing” techniques. The little-known outlining tricks. The super-fast character creation methods. The P.L.O.T. system for quickly structuring your story. The cloak-and-dagger approach for creating authentic dialogue.

And we’ll show you how to bring all of this together to help create a BRILLIANT, full, edited and polished novel – in just 28 days, working just 40 minutes a day.

All inside our 140+ page course, “Novel in a Month.”