There’s ONE THING that 95% of all authors don’t understand.

They think they know how to get a book published.

They slave for hours over a keyboard, churning out chapter after chapter. Months, maybe years later, they submit the manuscript to a couple of big-name publishers.

Slowly, each copy of the manuscript is returned with a standard rejection note.



Because between 80% and 90% of ALL published books are commissioned from a BOOK PROPOSAL – and NOT a finished manuscript.

What is a book proposal?

It’s a special marketing package that you put together for the publisher. It contains critical information about your new best-seller – and it rockets your chances of getting published.

Based on the book proposal, publishers will often ACCEPT the book idea — offering you a PUBLISHING CONTRACT and a sizeable ROYALTY ADVANCE. Then you go ahead and finish writing the book.

Real publishers don’t read manuscripts. They read book proposals.

Right now you don’t understand the system properly.

You’re missing out.

Are YOU ready to write your book proposal – and get yourself a publishing contract?

Remember, book proposals typically attract four and five-figure advances. Yet six and seven-figure cash payments are becoming increasingly more common in the publishing world.

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